November 14, 2017

Dear Fellow Members,

    “Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.” Whose great idea was it anyway – to have sunset at 4:37pm? Nonetheless, one year ago to the day, November 12, 2016 to be exact – I walked into the lobby of my grammar school – St. Barnabas the Apostle in Bellmore to reunite with classmates I had not seen in forty-four years. There… standing in the foyer…was about a dozen or so old classmates becoming reacquainted. The majority of these kids had gone on together to attend Bellmore Kennedy, Mepham H.S. and Holy Trinity…while on the other hand…I would go on to attend St. John the Baptist, D.H.S. in West Islip…the only one from the graduating Class of ’72 to do so. My eyes moved quickly to one lovely, looking woman. She looked like a Kathleen. I had a terrific aunt, named Kathleen. I have a beautiful niece, named Kathleen. Trust me; I am expert on Kathleen’s…so I took a shot. Oooh, so close, she insisted it was Kathy. Not bad, I thought…at least she’s talking to me. Yes, when out of the clear blue, Kathy says something to me that has stayed with me ever since.