"Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever." - Charles Lamb

April 3, 2017
Dear Fellow Members,

I wasn’t in the door for ten seconds the other day (at one of my favorite Chamber haunts) while in search of the perfect soup – when from across the bar – an old friend shouts, “Hey, Big Guy, got a minute?” Now, I’m not talking about just any soup – no, sir – but French Onion soup from the Corner Galley. “Sure,” I fired back, “what’s on your mind?” “Don’t ask,” he says. “I think I just did!” Immediately, I knew something was bothering him. Seconds later, the floodgates opened when he said, “I’ve got this problem, you see. I have a big decision coming up and I’m afraid of making the wrong choice.” “Mind if I offer some friendly advice,” I asked. “Do I have a choice,” he said. “Sure, you can have either the French Onion or the soup du jour, Beef Barley.” “Be serious for a moment, would you please?” “I am being serious”…and then I began my tale. “Hey,” my friend interrupted [clearly he had more questions] “how did you know the soup-of-the day was Beef Barley?” Because it’s the first thing I ask hostess, Nancy when I walk through the door. “It’s that important to you,” he says. “Well, I used to ask her the capital of South Dakota, but that scared the hell out of her.” Now, I keep it simple. Besides: “Never underestimate the power of a good soup!”