September 14, 2017

Dear Fellow Members,

     The founder of modern management, Peter Drucker once said, “The effective mission statement is short and sharply focused.” He further noted, “It should fit on a T-Shirt.” So with that little pearl of wisdom in mind and a new, exciting business book entitled, “Total Focus” in hand – I departed on a seven day vacation determined to formulate my new, personal mission statement. Drucker recommends the statement not to exceed eight words. Mine is three. So sure the maxim fit my mood, vision and approach for the future, I have already ordered a shirt. At first blush – it might sound crude. It might also appear – at first glance – to be negative or insensitive. Nothing, I assure you – could be farther from the truth. Though light on words, it more than makes up by being heavy in content. Before I share this magical mantra, let’s get a little background.