It’s Small Business Season! Shop Local for the Holidays!

It’s Small Business Season! As we gear up for the holidays, please just remember the importance of Shopping Locally for all of your gifts, parties, and anything else that you need to make this season special!

For every $100 spent at a local business…$68 stay in our economy. And when you Shop Local this season, you are giving the gift of: Supporting Your Neighbors; Building Community; Helping Small Businesses; and Keeping Jobs!

A local business that is thriving and growing is much more likely to:

1) Hire more employees of all skill levels
2) Support a local sports team or PTA
3) Sponsor an event
4) Give to a local nonprofit or charity (According to the Seattle Good Business Network, small businesses donate 250% more than larger businesses to non-profits and community causes.)
5) Give bonuses to employees
6) Expand into a new product or service line
7) Pay employees more or be able to afford offering benefits or better benefits or employee perks
8) Move into a larger location, which may help a landlord who hasn’t been able to rent the space

9) Pay additional tax dollars that help fund local needs like police, fire, and infrastructure

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We THANK YOU for your support of our local businesses . . . of our members…of our neighbors! And special thanks to our friends at the Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce for sharing this great information with their fellow Chambers.