Partnership with Town of Oyster Bay RE: Building Permits and COs

Please note that the Massapequa Chamber of Commerce has entered into a public private partnership with the Town of Oyster Bay regarding building permits and COs. The Chamber will be recommending to all of our Chamber members and local businesses to ensure that their permits, as well as their Certificate of Occupancy (CO), are in place. It is very important both to the Town and the Chamber that our businesses remain in compliance.

Going forward, any business that requests a Chamber Ribbon Cutting or Grand Opening ceremony will be recommended to review that their CO and all required permits have been approved and are in effect. If you have any questions regarding permits and COs, please feel free to contact the Town of Oyster Bay Building Division at (516) 624 – 6200, and they will assist you.

Thank you to all of our businesses for your cooperation, and to the Town of Oyster Bay for their continued support!