President’s Message – May 2021

May 12, 2021

Dear Merchants, Business Owners, and Fellow Members:

I am happy to report that the COVID-19 is finally drawing down, and we are able once again to have our lunches in our local membership restaurants. Our May Luncheon will be at IL Vizio on Broadway in Massapequa on Thursday, May 27th, and we look forward to a great crowd to continue our wonderful programs and services. We will also announce our scholarship winners at this event.

Speaking of programs, later this month, J.P. Scarisbrick will be hosting our Virtual Wine Tasting. It appears that this will be a great program for our Chamber, and an exciting fundraiser to hold. I hope that all participants will have a great time at this event.

Our June Meeting will be at Bacaro in Massapequa Park on Thursday, June 24th. This will be the Installation of our new Board and Executive Officers. At this meeting, we will also honor our volunteer firefighters in the Massapequa and North Massapequa Fire Departments for all that they do for our community. Please make every effort to attend this luncheon and show your appreciation for the men and women volunteer first responders that look out for us.

We are looking to have a Fall Craft Fair chaired by Robin Hepworth, and Trade Show Expo in September chaired by Robert Zabbia. We are also still planning for our Annual Street Festival in August. The Street Festival has some current limitations from the CDC and other local guidelines that Tony Ventiera is trying to work out. We will keep all apprised as the date gets closer.

Patty Orzano has been working on getting our benches placed in the community for residents to be able to relax and sit within the area if they are walking or just want to get some air. The benches will soon be placed, and will enhance our community big time!

Past President Denis Monette is working on a Safety Program involving life jackets and other giveaways. This seems very worthwhile. You may contact Shelley at the office for information on this program.

Please take a moment to review our newly designed website, and give Loren Wildes at Bar Harbor Web Design a call if you need your own site upgraded.

My thanks to Maria Guzzetta and Francesca Zeltmann for their Fitness Fundraiser that they ran for the Chamber at Orangetheory Fitness. This netted $500.00 for the Chamber. Special praise is deserved to both of them.

My thanks to all for the last eleven months of hard work, dedication, and patience as we navigated a pandemic. We were able to keep the Chamber on pretty sound financial footing. We were also able to assist with providing information and COVID updates that were sent to me, which we forwarded to businesses to keep us all on the same page. We still have some members that have not paid their membership dues, and we ask all to forward their renewal payments as soon as possible, for the good of the Chamber and to keep your business current with us. Call Shelley at 516-541-1443, and she can assist you as needed.

The last piece of my message highlights two of our current Board Members.

Past President Phyllis Doria has been involved with the Chamber for a very long time and is always there to assist as needed. No job is too big or too small for Phyllis. Her dedication is second-to-none when it comes to the Chamber. I value her friendship and dedication to the Chamber, and look forward to her continued service.

Stephen Parmiter has been on the Board for some three years, and is a valued and wise member of the Board. His advice on all money matters and programs is considered very important, and he brings a great dimension to the Board with his experience as a Wealth Manager with Morgan Stanley. I look for his advice on many matters, and when I call upon him to assist, he never says no. I look forward to all good things from Steve on our Board as the time goes by.

That’s it for now!

Keith Wilson, President
Massapequa Chamber of Commerce