OPTIMALLY – Expense Reduction Service – Benefit for Massapequa Chamber Members

To: Massapequa Chamber of Commerce Membership

The Board has entered into an agreement with one of the Chamber’s newest members – Biltmore Savings Consultants, LLC – to make a unique data driven expense reduction service available to all members.

Following is a recap of the offering from one of their partners, OPTIMALLY:

– Minimum gross annual revenue is $500k

– What is needed is a copy of general ledger for past 12 months (i.e. expense data, provider and $ amount)

– OPTIMALLY benchmarks all operating expenses against a $6Trillion Data Lake, comprised from 10 million U.S. businesses

– No up-front cost or obligation

– Within 3-5 business days, they will provide you with anticipated savings (to be obtained by re-negotiating your existing service contracts, with your approval)

– At that point, you decide IF you want to proceed with their service…No obligation.

Please see the brief 2½ minute video linked below, as well as the summary of savings identified for three different businesses on the page following. Note that their benchmarking process works across all business types.


To sign-up for no obligation analysis for your business, please fill in your contact information in the additional link below and someone from OPTIMALLY will contact you. When entering your company name, please add – Massapequa Chamber after it, so that the Chamber gets credit for the referral. 


Keith Wilson, President, Massapequa Chamber of Commerce

Download a Copy of this Information Here!: OptimallyDocument

**DISCLAIMER: The Massapequa Chamber of Commerce will receive a rebate from Biltmore Savings Consultants, LLC for each member who signs up for this program.